Closed Facebook Group coming up

So my next venture will be to start a Closed Facebook Group for Corinthian College Employee Alumni meaning people who used to work there (CCI EUO etc).  No MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) etc., no CCI bashing just a way to network and stay in touch that is out of the public eye. No students.

The “no selling” piece is important because otherwise it will not be valuable. So if someone has a job lead or needs feedback on a new venture it will provide a positive forum.  I am also look for someone to be a Co-Administrator.

Also if a current employee wants to join okay too. But no bashing or sharing stuff that would be illegal to share – trade secret stuff.

I am thinking about it.  If I do it will be after I have left.  No time now anyway. If anyone has an opinion please speak up.

BTW the weight loss is coming along.  I broke thru my plateau. YAY!

Feeling really Grateful

If we are Facebook friends you know I have been RIFfed  (R-reduction I-in F-force) or laid off. I have thirty more workdays (August 30th).  So why would I been feeling so grateful? Mainly because the decision to stop working a 40 hour work week was taken out of my hands.  I kept telling my husband “I am quitting next March” but the year kept changing.

After I recovered from the ego blow of “not being picked for the team” I have moved on to discovery.  I am considering a lot of things as my phase.

Mostly I am grateful for all the people (co-workers I met and connected with at Everest Online). I am grateful that my health is pretty good. I am still working on the wearing oxygen part. Grateful for my family and friends.

Glad to be back in the Gym 5 days a week. At the moment I am working on a paper and am in major procrastination mode – hence the post – I am giving some thought to writing a book also.

I have lots of doctors to see in the next six weeks so we will see what they all say. But I am extremely happy. The world is beautiful place.

Coming back to Blogging

I stopped blogging because I felt I did not really have anything to say.  But I do now.  I have started Rehabbing myself. Pulmonary Rehab I watch Dr Noah Greenspan’s webinars … well some of them I have to finish as there are a lot of the but  the one on exercise got me going. Because it was just “exercise it is good for you” It was pretty specific relative to improving lung functions.  He talked about how your Lung function test can be great (and mine are. But my exertion test the 6 minute walk is what got me on the supplemental oxygen ) but you can get improvement with intense consistent cardio.  Here is the link to the webinars

Click on webinar archives and watch #7, 15 and 16

I started May 17th  I have gym memberships with my medical plan that allow me to workout at the Y, LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, and Crunch  (those are in my area).

We are having a “Biggest Loser Challenge” at work that starts Monday June 8th and runs to August 31st. While it is going on the building gym ran a special of $55 for the period of the Challenge with no enrollment fee. I signed up so I can go before work (as it is till light enough for me to leave home early). Then I do not have to stop in the evenings when gym parking lot at Crunch and Y is crowded.

This is not just about losing weight (but that will help) but pulmonary function improvement.  However if I could also lose some weight YAY!!

Sunday Cook!

Brownies, Cookies, Clams and Linguine



One of my favorite things to do is bake. I am not a brownie lover but my grandson Kyu is. I experimented with adding Heath bar sprinkles to previous batch of milk chocolate ones and he loved them so I made some more. I also made a dark chocolate walnut batch with peanut butter bits and some chocolate chips peanut butter cookies for him.

I took some photos of dark chocolate ones going in and the heath bar ones after they were done. I used my 50mm so there is some bokeh. Going to Skype him to see if he liked them. Clams and linguine for dinner as I am the cook on Sundays. 

It is a beautiful day today; I have to figure out how I can sit outside again by the watch without blowing thru my portable supply. Got to plan that!

Emotionally I feel good, but I am very tired. However I think to make sure I am living my life and not overly focusing on my illness; I have to continue to do the things I love.

Clams and linguine for dinner as I am the cook on Sundays. overly focusing on my illiness ; I have to continue to do the thingsClams and linguine for dinner as I am the cook on Sundays. overly focusing on my illiness ; I have to continue to do the things



Moving along this road

You have to keep your sense of humor or you will go crazy.

Today was insurance day, my pulmonary physician who put me on oxygen says”I don’t fill out insurance forms, that’s for your primary”.  My primary has been out will surgery and does not know I have been put on oxygen.

I did make an appointment with primary for next week.  Riddle me this if you put me on something that I CANNOT work with why can’t you just answer the Insurance Company’s questions about the visit and what you ordered.  Keystone cops. (google that)

However I am confident I will get this worked out.

Then I call my Medicare company to see what I will have to pay as a co-pay but the oxygen company has not sent a bill yet.  I call the oxygen company. Then will bill next week or the next one. More Keystone cops. I called to get delivery of more tanks as after my doctor visit I will probably be out of portable tanks. Delivery set for Tuesday.

I wake up and forget I am on this stuff I think my glasses have fallen down my nose. It’s only when I open bedroom door and hear the concentrator that I remember.

On a better note I am reading a great book “Wars of the Roses – Stormbird”  by Conn Iggulden. It reminds me of “The Archer’s Tale”and “Agincourt” by Bernard Cornwell – love his stuff.  This book is set in the time after that great battle at Agincourt Henry V’s victory but his son Oooh is not a chip off the old block. Anyway it is a great read.

Watching Lindsay Adler on Creative Live simultaneously.

I have lots and lots of questions for my primary on Tuesday, I made a list.  It’s a happy day.  It was beautiful outside I made a short trip and just finished off one of my tanks.  I did discover even when it on empty (Refill in red zone) there is still some oxygen in the tank.

Tomorrow I am going to see if I have enough energy to make some cookies & brownies for Kyu’s lunches. It will be a trial run as he does not start school until Thursday.  Wow he is in high school now.  I have to get a photo of him on his first day of High School.

Day 3 with Oxygen Concentrator at Home

This has been a very eye opening experience. When my pulmonary doctor told me I was going on oxygen I had envisioned something different. So I decided to blog my journey, my feelings and the adjustments I have to make to live. Little things become big. 

I got the equipment Wednesday at 2 PM

Thursday Ray drove me to Bookstore and Publix. No problems setting up the portable tank.

Today Saturday I had my first solo trip out the house. Even though I had notes I had a teeny bit of trouble setting up the portable. But I called Medical Matrix and they route me to my tech who helped me.

I went to Michaels, then to Target to drop off my recyclables.

Later I strapped it on and went to the mailbox. This all seems pretty mundane but some things I do every Saturday. Before they were not even major enough to make it onto my list; except as a one word entry.

Now the fact that I have to switch from the Home Concentrator – that is big sucker!! – to the portable just to go downstairs to get the mail requires planning and concentration. I have make sure the portable tank is connected properly and on the right setting. I have to look at the gauge to make sure the tank is not empty.

When I started out this morning even though I had the notes I thought the gauge was how much oxygen was flowing. Since it was not in the green zone I panicked.

It is important to be able to do my regular stuff outside the house. Otherwise I feel tethered since I do have a 50 ft cord connecting me to the Home Concentrator. I also have an 8 hour back up tank that does not run on electricity in case the power goes our.

I will see Pulmonary physician again Sept. 19th and I now have a lot of questions. Initially I did not know enough to ask questions so I just said ok to everything.